Plop Story

The best and only circle turn escape game out there.

Why play Plop Story?

Plop Story is a small and simple game with unique aesthetics and a fresh game play. It's free and fun.
Just try it out!

Made for tablet and children

The game supports many different resoltions and you can just let your kid play it without worring about and violence or rude pictures in the game.

Play against or with your friends

You can play in a Coop mode with your friends or you can play in a VS against friends or enemies in local lan or via the internet. (Not released yet)

Play wherever and whenever you want

This game does not need an Internet connection, so it is perfect for subway rides on the playground while your kids play or for the whole family at home.

Still not sure if you should give it a try?

Playing this game makes you 24% more attractive to women and if you are a woman it makes men 24% more attracted to you.


The main reason to play is that there are unicorns in cages in the game that need to be let free. Wihtout you they will stay in their cages for ever and may evetually die.

Train your accurace and skills

Playing Plop Story for at least 10 minutes a day makes your day better and your dexterity may increase by approximatly a few percent.

Plop Story in moving pictures

You have to see to believe

Sometimes a video says more than eight words.


Frequently asked questions

Why should I release the unicorns from their cages?

Very good question. Unicorns usually have a very big territory. Here on earth according to the very low unicorn population it would be about 510 million km² per unicorn if there would life one unicorn there. So imprisioning it into a 4 m² cage is cruel and inhumanly. So please do us and them a favor and free them.

What means Plop?

This is a very hard question. I think for a better and more specific answer we should answer this one in german: Also. Die Auswahl des Namens Plop lässt sich in drei einfache Punkte zusammenfassen. Erstens: Die konzentrierte Beinhaltung des Namens als Kernstück eines zukunftweisenden Namenskonzeptes. Zweites: Das Selbstverständnis eines Namens und seiner kernspezifischen Wirkung unter der Vorraussetzung und Drittens, das ist es was wir unseren Spielern schulding sind! (Thanks to our office in Germany for this, I guess, very specific and detailed explanation)